Android users most like to browse porn sites

According to the British “Daily Mail” related reports, porn site “Pornhub” 2014 users to browse the data statistics and analysis found: Android mobile phone users the highest pageview; in the national rankings, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom before the user three. At the same time, Monday November is the peak of browsing. Including bisexual, lesbian, gay and straight.bisexual

Andoid users both men and women love porn sites

Last year, the total number of pirate sites was as high as 800 billion. Among them, about 600 billion for the Americans. For each viewing time, the global average is 9 minutes and 16 seconds. While the United States Philadelphia each time browsing porn sites up to 12 minutes and 40 seconds, Egypt, the lowest, 6 minutes and 48 seconds. These time in addition to men’s “contribution”, there are women’s “credit” – 1/3 British women are also pornographic sites to watch pornographic films, higher than the world average of 6%.

Over the past few years, people have purchased magazines and used pornographic content on desktops on desktop computers. Now, magazines, desktop computers have been replaced by laptops and mobile phones. So in the statistics, desktop computers accounted for 44% of the total page views, flat accounted for 11%, while the proportion of mobile phones was 45%, up 12%. Among them, Mexico and the Netherlands rose the highest proportion. Probably because in April, the porn site canceled a daily limit of only 5 videos.

In many mobile phone systems, browsing the most of the proportion of pornographic sites, Android users accounted for 50%, the proportion rose 11% year on year, while Android users are browsing porn sites, watching the most pornographic content of the user base.

In fact, no matter LGBT people or straight people do not need vist porn site, there are many dating site online, including bisexual dating site and other many kinds of dating site, you can meet partner who is you love.


Bisexual,do you really understand?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that is interested in both men and women. For some, this may sound like a super-ability – a double romantic choice means a double chance, right? But in reality, bisexuality can be regarded as a bit embarrassing identity. Bisexuals are not “straight”, so it is difficult to think that they are in the sexual aspects of the majority. On the other hand, they are often considered heterosexual, especially when they have heterosexual partners, which sometimes make it difficult for them to feel connected with the LGBT community.


Above all, bisexuality is susceptible to serious misunderstandings. There are many rumors and prejudices surrounding this bisexual, some of which are even contradictory. Heterosexuals and LGBT people may hold these stereotypes, which adds to the difficulty of integration into the two groups. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more researchers have become interested in bisexuality, and research has improved our understanding of bisexuality. Here are three examples of how science fights misconceptions about bisexuality:

Gossip 1: bisexuality does not exist

I think this rumor is particularly ridiculous: how can you say to a group of people that they do not exist? But the idea that everyone is heterosexual or homosexual is widespread, especially among men. Frustratingly, even in the most tolerant circles of LGBT, you can hear “there is no bisexual male” sometimes.

In a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers have completely overturned this rumor. They brought together heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men, for them to play multiple pornographic movie clips. Subjects were asked not only to assess the subjective sensations they were evoked by these fragments, but also to connect physiological devices to measure changes in their penile perimeter (sexual excitement).

As expected, heterosexual men watched women’s films with much higher subjective and sexual arousal than men who watched men’s films. Gay men were the opposite. Bisexual men, however, are relatively close to being evoked by male and female images. They were bisexual video (two male and one female starred in the video) to arouse the degree higher than the other two groups. Importantly, these differences are also reflected in their own reports of arousal and fairly objective data on sexual excitement. Therefore, it is clear from this study that these people are not “pretending” bisexuality.

Gossip 2: Bisexuality is just one stage

This rumor portrays bisexuality as an experimental or confusing state – usually during college. Bisexuality will then determine their “true” status (or decide whether they are straight or not).

Lisa Diamond carried out some very complicated work on the subject, during which she observed women’s gender identity for a long time. In a paper published in Developmental Psychology, Dr. Diamond reports on a group of women who have been watching for more than a decade.

The findings unequivocally show that bisexuality is not a transitional stage: only a small number of females who were bisexual at the time of adolescence changed their position to heterosexual or homosexual (only 8%) at the end of the study. However, bisexual women tend to change over time. During the ten-year research cycle, their interest in gender has been on a constant shift.

Rumors 3: Bisexuals are not loyal to their partner

This rumor is probably the most vicious. It is derived from a partner can’t fully meet the gender interests of people who are interested in the idea. Some people feel that they will sooner or later desire different people with their partners. For example, people tend to believe that bisexuals are more likely to deceive their partners than heterosexual and gay people.

In fact, many bisexuals have a happy one-to-one relationship with their partner. For example, Dr. Diamond’s decade-long study ended with 89% of bisexual women in long-term, single-spouse relationships. Moreover, for bisexuals who wish to have multiple sexual partners, research has shown that they tend to achieve this goal by negotiating an open relationship with their partner, rather than acting privately around their partner. I can’t find any research to support bisexuals than other sexual orientation of people who are not loyal or honest ideas.

All in all, the future of bisexual research, which is still small and growing, is bright. It not only dispelled a lot of rumors and misunderstandings surrounding bisexuality, but also provided an interesting insight into the general sexual activity. Unlike other sources such as pop culture or media, bisexuality is a relatively stable and lasting feature of sexuality. More research is needed to gain a more thorough understanding of the similarities between bisexuality and homosexuality (that is, heterosexuality and homosexuality), and perhaps uniqueness.

How can we have date with bisexual

For many bisexuals taking the first step in dating might be a hassle. For most, bisexual dating stays inside the fantasy world without needing to be completed inside the actual existence, for a single reason or maybe the other.rjpis92i2l2zbtcnbs9iszl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9

In the event you are bi-curious or bisexual in a few type of degree, you have most likely thought things via and determined by yourself if this describes an illusion factor or whether it’s something you want to exist in the actual existence and begin meeting other people.

For those who have made a decided to try bisexual dating, the next factor is to learn how to get began by using it. What you should take a look at, are bisexual dating sites, where other bisexuals are looking for much like you are. By performing that you will turn out to be much more efficient together with your dating, be it couples, males or ladies you are

With bisexual dating sites, there are many ways you can make new friends, first of all, you will find the life chat and forum parts if that’s not sufficient for you there’s a video section also, where you can watch other members videos and have a lot of hours ahead of you. If you choose to be associated with a bisexual dating site, it is essential that you are completely honest with yourself nevertheless the others, by doing this everyone might have a positive expertise that will disseminate utilizing the entire dating website. Then whenever you join, it is necessary which you merely write good quality honest, positive stuff with regards to you, something people discover fascinating to see so they would like to become buddies along with you. You might also upload a couple of pictures if you would like, which will enhance your view rate considerably and sooner before you decide to know you will be on the way on actual bisexual dating.

Finding top bisexual dating websites

If you are sick and tired of the experiences that you have to deal with in the real dating world, it might be time to look for the right bisexual dating websites where you can even join fun bisexual chat rooms. There are different ways in which you could find a proper dating site that can offer you the benefits that you are looking for. You can talk to someone that shares the same interests that you do, do some research on your own or visit an online platform where you can read objective reviews of the existing bisexual dating websites.

You can decide to do all of the above or just compare these options and choose the one that can offer you the best possible advantages. Let’s say that you decide to talk to a friend and ask for advice. Well, if you are not that open about your sexuality, you will surely not want to share your preferences with anyone around you. However, even if people already know that you like both men and men, it might be a bit challenging to talk about meeting someone new.
If you don’t want your friends to talk about the fact that you are trying your luck with bisexual websites, you can try another way. A second option would be to do your own research online and see exactly what type of bisexual sites you stumble upon. Nevertheless, this means that you will probably not be able to join any bisexual chat rooms if you don’t sign up on all of these sites. Also, you will not be able to learn too much about their premium features if you don’t pay for a gold membership.
Moreover, you should be aware of the fact that this entire research process will take some time. Before you manage to find the right dating sites, you will get bored and probably decide to give up. Nevertheless, you should know that there is a better way of handling this entire situation. You should consider looking for an online platform that already offers you access to all the information you might require regarding the top bisexual dating websites.

Advantages Offered by Bisexual Chat Rooms

The undeniable truth is that the right bisexual chat rooms can offer you some pretty amazing advantages that you will certainly not be able to find anywhere else. When talking about bi dating in the real world, you have to be prepared for some really uncomfortable situations in which you get rejected or you talk to people that silently judge you for your sexual preferences. Nevertheless, a proper dating website that was especially created for bisexual individuals will allow you to be yourself.08426b15ddc2617524bdce45475a7c51

This means that you no longer have to hide who you are and what you want. Of course, if you don’t feel like sharing your real name, no one is forcing you to do it. You can always use an alias so that you can continue benefiting from the level of privacy that you desire. One of the most important advantages associated with bisexual chat rooms is that you can meet people that share the same interests as you do. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to leave your house for this to happen.

In fact, regardless of how late or early it is, you can simply log into your account and join a chat room. Before you know it, you will start talking to all sorts of people. This is a pretty easy way of having fun when you don’t feel like leaving the house. Moreover, you should know that this option allows you to be yourself and just talk about anything you want without inhibitions. When you want to start bi dating, it can be really difficult to deal with all the complications associated with the real world.o-online-dating-facebook

Well, when it comes to bisexual chat rooms, the situation is completely different. There are no strings attached. You can talk to many different people at the same time. If you want to, you can even meet them for real at some point. However, if you just want to keep it casual and online, you can do that as well. This is yet another great advantage associated with these bi dating websites.

The more you think about it, the easier it will be for you to realize that when it comes to dating someone who is bisexual, the online world is the safest place. Here is where you can meet a partner, a companion or even the love of your life. You never know. Make sure that before you join any of these dating sites you look for a platform where you can read detailed reviews regarding each and every single one of your options. The information you find here will help you make the best choice.

Are You Bi-curious? Here is How You Can Tell

To know if you are bi-curious you need to understand what the term means. Also known as bisexuals, these are people who are curious and would like to find out what having tumblr_ndl6wly1tm1r13rduo9_500romantic relations with people of the same sex would be like. Unlike gays however, they are not put off by the thought of having such a relationship with people of the opposite sex. They would love to or have tried with both sexes and can just not settle on either side. So, how can you tell if you are bi-curious or bisexual?

Looking at people of the both sexes and appreciating their looks does not make you bisexual. Here are more sure signs that you are indeed bisexual.

◆Erotic thoughts

If seeing a person of the same sex as yours who you find pretty intrigues erotic thoughts in your head then you just might be bi-curious. If when a girl or a guy passes by and your thoughts g beyond their undressed body and you imagine what it would be like to have their body rubbing against yours. At times you will even wonder what it would be like to have sex with them. If you experience this with both sexes then you are bi-curious.

◆You like watching bisexual erotica or both gay and straight ones

If you enjoy watching gay or bisexual porn then you may be bi-curious. Other than general curiosity as to what people of the same sex do under the sheets you may find yourself e79df2e6f92ef8716c97d2b001661c8fbeing turned on and even considering doing the act yourself. Though this is not a sure sign, listen to what that inner voice is telling you.

◆You know what you want in a man and a woman for a partner

When asked what qualities you look for in partners are and you can give the attributes for female partners as well as male ones then you are bi-curious. If you often find yourself fantasizing about who the ideal male partner would be and at times who the ideal female partner would be this is a sign that you are attracted to both.


Bisexuality is a sexual attraction, romantic attraction, or sexual behavior toward males and females both, or romantic or sexual fascination towards individuals of any gender identity; This modern aspect is at times entitled as pansexuality.
The word bisexuality is basically applied to the context of one’s attraction to tick romantic or sexual feelings toward men and women both, and the idea is 1 of the 3 basic classifications of sexual impulsion with homosexuality and heterosexuality, that are every aspect of the heterosexual–homosexual continuum. A bisexual criterion doesn’t essentially associate to equal romantic or sexual attraction to both sexes; usually, those who have a definite but not monopolistic sexual preference for one sex over another are also establish themselves as bisexual.

Bisexuality has been discovered in diverse human societies and elsewhere in the animal kingdom as per recorded history.
More than half from 3-5% of people are identified as Bi in USA, among the people who identify themselves gay, lesbian or bisexual. According to a research held in London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, bisexual women has to go through more discrimination by friends and other close one, compare to the men.
As per different studies and experts, the ratio of mental stability between bi-curious/bisexual and general people are not equal and it require balance by approaching smartly and scientifically towards it.
Doesn’t matter one is bisexual by born or by developed environment there are always risk of several issues, especially mental and social as for women. The most common issues for bi women are below.
Violence: Near about 61% of bisexual women went through physical violence, got raped and stalking by her partner, according to the recent study held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even though the reason behind this actions hasn’t been revealed in the research but one can assume that, misconceptions, prejudice, and hatred towards the people who aren’t like them.threesomploe
DEPRESSION: as far as according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health concern, bi-curious/bisexual people are more likely to suffer from depression compare to the others. They also are more tend to suicidal thoughts and consumption of alcohol than others.
Bisexual women get hostile from the straights as well as gay communities. Says psychologist Mimi Hoang. And this discrimination leads bi-curious women to, suffer from hopelessness and confusion, isolate their sexual identities. And this particular state leads to having more alcohol and getting used to the other harmful drugs, which eventually puts a massively negative impact on their daily life including working career and personal relationship.