Android users most like to browse porn sites

According to the British “Daily Mail” related reports, porn site “Pornhub” 2014 users to browse the data statistics and analysis found: Android mobile phone users the highest pageview; in the national rankings, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom before the user three. At the same time, Monday November is the peak of browsing. Including bisexual, lesbian, gay and straight.bisexual

Andoid users both men and women love porn sites

Last year, the total number of pirate sites was as high as 800 billion. Among them, about 600 billion for the Americans. For each viewing time, the global average is 9 minutes and 16 seconds. While the United States Philadelphia each time browsing porn sites up to 12 minutes and 40 seconds, Egypt, the lowest, 6 minutes and 48 seconds. These time in addition to men’s “contribution”, there are women’s “credit” – 1/3 British women are also pornographic sites to watch pornographic films, higher than the world average of 6%.

Over the past few years, people have purchased magazines and used pornographic content on desktops on desktop computers. Now, magazines, desktop computers have been replaced by laptops and mobile phones. So in the statistics, desktop computers accounted for 44% of the total page views, flat accounted for 11%, while the proportion of mobile phones was 45%, up 12%. Among them, Mexico and the Netherlands rose the highest proportion. Probably because in April, the porn site canceled a daily limit of only 5 videos.

In many mobile phone systems, browsing the most of the proportion of pornographic sites, Android users accounted for 50%, the proportion rose 11% year on year, while Android users are browsing porn sites, watching the most pornographic content of the user base.

In fact, no matter LGBT people or straight people do not need vist porn site, there are many dating site online, including bisexual dating site and other many kinds of dating site, you can meet partner who is you love.


Sex life has eight benefits for men

In order to have health, people give up a lot of enjoyment opportunities. However, sex can bring both happiness and health. No matter for bisexuals, gays, lesbians or straight people. Recently, the famous American men’s online magazine “Men asked” published an article that men want to have a healthy body, can’t do without the law of sex. The following is the United States more than sex experts for men to prepare the eight sex reasons.

  1. Enhance the power to make you more “man”. Sex in addition to consumption of calories, but also help men strengthen the bones and muscles. At the same time, sex hormones generated when sex, help men maintain a healthy level of energy, emotional state, the required nutrition and normal sexual desire. In short, through sex, men will become more “men”.bisexual-dating-websites
  1. Prevent cancer, reduce disease. Regular sex, help to clean up the prostate, a large number of studies have shown that regular ejaculation of men suffering from prostate cancer risk will be reduced by 30%. At the same time, sex can help men to reduce the incidence of cold, chronic fatigue syndrome.
  1. Beneficial cardiovascular, stable blood pressure. Sex is the best way to exercise, has a positive effect on heart health. A study from the University of Quinn in the United States shows that men who love sex every week suffer a half chance of heart disease and stroke. Sex can also help stabilize blood pressure.
  1. Forget the trouble, reduce stress. For men, sex can effectively help them relieve stress and relieve mental stress. The study found that under the same pressure, the regular sex of people more resilient ability. In addition, sex can release a pleasant hormone, bring a happy mood.bisexual-dating-sites
  1. Increase intimacy, resolve contradictions. Some people say that husband and wife is “more and more love”, which is actually very reasonable. Men orgasm, will produce a lot of posterior follicle oxytocin, also known as “love hormone”, the level is 5 times the normal level. This hormone allows him to love each other more, will become more tolerant, to help build trust between couples, to resolve the contradictions.
  1. Reduce pain, increase immunity. Studies have shown that male sex, headache, joint pain and other pain will be alleviated, significantly reduced the amount of pain medication. Sex can also improve the level of immune globulin, and thus enhance the ability of the immune system.
  1. Improve sleep, keep weight. Sex after the men will soon enter the depth of sleep, sleep a lot of benefits a night, not only to maintain a healthy weight, but also lower blood pressure.
  1. Maintain the health of the reproductive organs. Regular exercise can help men to maintain body shape, regular sex can help the penis, testicles remain healthy. Regular exercise, penis can’t appear erectile dysfunction.