Which dating site for bisexual you will choose?

With the development of the internet many people spend more and more time on internet. So dating site was born. And the number of website for dating is growing rapidly. Every dating websites has group targets of people in different place and age and other things.  

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According to different place, such as Chinese dating sites, dating sites in North America, Europe and some other place dating sites and so on.

According to different age, such as the old dating site, the young dating site and so on.

According to different sexuality, such as straight dating site, dating site for gay, dating site for lesbian and datingsite for bisexual. There are many kinds of website for dating.

There are also having some free dating site and paid website. Which one is better? I believe you will make a clear decision, right?

I’m bisexual. Today I only talk about bisexual site with my experience. On the bi site, you can find woman and man, no matter you are boy or girl. And you can choose different age what you like. At the same time, if your family were bi couple or bi-curious. You can find a girlfriend or boyfriend with your family through the bisexual dating site.

There is something interesting. My friend Bob. He is a bi, his wife is a straight. But 3 three years ago, his wife has been become a bisexual. She had an experience with her friend and knew from then she wanted to have sex with a girl. She finally got to and she loved it. And wanted more. So they have a girlfriend that they have a sexual relationship with now. They enjoy their sex life and share sexual adventures. That sounds amazing, right? But it’s true, I promise.     

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We can easily according to the conditions we have chosen to enter the appropriate site, saving a lot of time and money.

Are you a bi-curious single?

Many people think that they are not bisexual or gay (lesbian). As we understand bisexual more and more, many people become bi-curious singles gradually.

Studies have shown that 60 percent of women are interested in other women. This is an incredible data. Do you think are you a bi-curious.

For example, there is a girl names Lily, she has boyfriend, but she is still interested in girls. Lily know that she loves her boyfriend, so she only keeps the idea in her mind and lives happy life with her boyfriend. As is we know Lily becomes a bi-curious. Because she is interested in girls and boys.


Are you become a bi-curious?

In fact, some people are born bisexual, some bisexual are acquired. There is no doubt with born bisexual. We focus on understanding the acquired bisexual.

Some people are heterosexual. With the changes in living environment, they are interested in another gender people. Such as a boy had a girlfriend three years ago, but the girlfriend betrayed boy. So boy could not dare to fall in love with girls, and pay attention to boys.

If there is no long-term house living area appear heterosexual, some people will become bisexual, and have relationship with the same sex.

There are also such a situation, the couple one of whom is bisexual, under the guidance bisexual, heterosexual lazy one may also become bisexual, and share a common girlfriend or boyfriend.


Overall, many bisexual acquired is to be bisexual in different situations. Survey shows that the number of bisexual female is more than the number of bisexual male. The number of bisexual female is about twice as bisexual male.

Actually, if we fell in bi-curious, don’t be worry, just face it. Because there are many bisexuals together with you. You are not alone.

Bisexual and lesbian

I’m a woman. When I was young, I think that I would love a man, and get married with him. Later, I found that I’m wrong. Not only do I love boys, but also I love girls. I scared myself. I have been cautions about others knowing. Only in the last year have been coming out.

I was 20 when I discovered my bi side. I was scared, I didn’t know what should do. I didn’t have enough courage to tell others. My life became darkness.
Maybe you will ask me: “how did you know or find out you are bi?”Three years ago, I had a boyfriend and had sex with him. It’s my first and unforgettable. Several months later, I met a girl, she was very pretty and took care of me. I loved her. I knew it’s fearsome, but I can’t control my feeling. Over time, we had a sex experience. At last I broke up with my boyfriend and lose contact with the girl. I closed my heart from then. The fact of bisexual let me self-abased. From that first I did not let others know. The only ones that knew is the girl I had sex with.

I have been recognized someone of bisexual. Thanks for them helping. I have been coming out. Now I have a new girlfriend, and he know that I’m bisexual. At the same time I promise I will never out of my girlfriend.
I’m bisexual. Maybe you think that bisexual are awful. But we are normal person. It is only different from we are bisexual.
Okay. When I have a girlfriend I will be lesbian. When I have a boyfriend I will be heterosexual.
I’m bisexual and lesbian and heterosexual. I just believe that love is love.


Misunderstanding of Bisexual


There are many people have misconceptions of bisexual. The bisexual want to have sex with boys and girls, so some people think that bisexual are awful. To be honest, I don’t know why bisexual are awful. Only because of being interested in boys and girls? It’s so funny!


At the same time, there are someone think that bisexuality is an “experiment”. In fact, bisexual are no necessary to prove which sexuality they love, they know what they love from start to finish.

And someone think that bisexual is a greedy performance. They love both boys and girls. But in love, all people are greedy.

Another people think that bisexual people are emotional derailment easily. Emotional derailment is a common phenomenon in bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual.

There are some people think that bisexual don’t have religious. It’s also funny, sexuality does not affect people’s other aspects.

Think about it carefully, it’s also normal. After all, bisexual were not disclosed from ancient times. In people’s thinking maybe something not seen are abnormal. People always do something like this.


Through the research, bisexual are interested in boys and girls at the same time, but if they were life together with a boy or girl, they will have responsible for partner. Of course, bisexual’s family have several ways of combination. For example, boys and boys; girls and girls; boys and girls; two girls with a man; and two men with a girl. That’s all. With respect to homosexual and heterosexual, the bisexual are more flexible.

In today’s society, there are many bisexual family with children, and we know not only bisexual couples are happiness, but also babies grow up in a healthy family environment.



From the point of the sexual orientation, some people are homosexual, some people are heterosexual, and some people are bisexual in the world. No matter what kind of sexual orientation, people have the rights of love.

When a boy loves a boy, we called that they are gay. When girls love girls, we called that they are lesbian. In fact, whether boys or girls, all of them are homosexual. At present, most people only agree with heterosexual. They think homosexual and bisexual are weirdo. But now, more and more people accept the homosexuality and bisexuality.


At the same time, many homosexual and bisexual made public their sexual orientation. This is a huge step forward for human.

No matter what kind of sexual orientation, people just need love and security. Every sexual orientation are normal. The difference is that someone belong to the most, someone belong to the minorities.

As a bisexual girl, I hope I find true love at an early date. I’ll try my best to come true my dream. Do you want to join me? Ok, if you were ashamed to say that you are a gay (lesbian) or bisexual, just forget prejudiced people, be yourself. We will show them we are very happy with our boyfriend (girlfriend) one day.


Everything happens for a reason. Just do it, brave to face our own life.

If you have been found your lover, I encourage you to tell him (her) that I apply to get into your life.

Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.

The most beautiful thing is to see a person you love smiling. And even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind it.

Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life. Rather, be the right person to come to someone’s life.


The importance of dating

With the development of technology, pace of people’s life more and more fast. We don’t have enough time to make friends, we become alone and lonely gradually. So we are addicted to internet. We put ourselves into the world of mobile phones.

Of course, we can get more information online. And sometimes more convenience. But every coin has two sides. It must harm your health by playing mobile phones and computers usually.


What harms with us?

First, it will damage our eyesight. Screens of mobile phone and computers make eyes fatigue.

Second, it will damage our cervical vertebra. If you often bow to play phone, cervical vertebra of yours will be pain.

Third, it will influence our study and work. We will always feel tired.

Fourth, the relationship of people will be more and more indifferent.


There are so many harms with us to play phones and computers prolong. So we should lift our heads to make friends and relax ourselves. There are so many ways to be happy. Such as having a dating with friends. Just give up you phone and computer for a day.

Ok. Prior to this, maybe you should make some friends at once. If you were a heterosexual, go to find your teams and have fun. If you were a gay or lesbian, go to find your teams and have a good time. If you were a bisexual, go to find your teams and be happy. Go back to your teams to make friends and find your lover.

Go for a date. For your health. For your happiness.