How about a bisexual’s daily life?

Everyone has their own life, Dan too. He is bisexual, there is nobody know about this. This is a secret only belong to himself.

Dan is a staff in a big company. He will go to work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every weekday. He is mainly engaged in website promotion. He was very fond of the job. There are two reasons: first, the job offers a substantial income to maintain his life; second, his promotion of website is a bisexual dating site. You know, Dan is a bisexual, and didn’t come out. But because of the job, he feel good, never lonely.diamond-lighthouse-selling-man-smart-glasses-chilling

In the morning, he will choose a suitable tie for his clothes. A piece of bread, a glass of milk, and an egg. This is his nutritious breakfast every day. Dan love fine life. Then he drive to work, he will arrive at the company before nine.

At lunch time, there is an hour to have lunch and have a rest. He will take 20 minutes for lunch and 40 minutes in the lounge. Then continue his work.

After work, He will go to the supermarket to buy ingredients to cook for himself at home every evening. He enjoy the fun of cooking. After dinner, he will have a rest a half of hour by rending book or watching TV, then he will go running. He is very concerned his health.

Dan is most looking forward to the weekend. He can do anything he wanted to do. For example, going on a picnic, camping, barbecue, surf, of course, all of these are with friends. Occasionally, he will take the time to go back to see Mom and Dad. He likes to stay with them, even if doing nothing.fallacies-mind-032

Dan’s life simple and fulfilling. If the beginning I did not tell you he was a bisexual, whether you are willing to make friends with him? Maybe you will say “Yes”, but in your last words you may add a “but”. In fact we know, there is no different with Dan and normal people, except for sexuality is not the same.

I don’t know why we can’t accept a person who is positive? Yes! He is bisexual. And so what?

The importance of dating

With the development of technology, pace of people’s life more and more fast. We don’t have enough time to make friends, we become alone and lonely gradually. So we are addicted to internet. We put ourselves into the world of mobile phones.

Of course, we can get more information online. And sometimes more convenience. But every coin has two sides. It must harm your health by playing mobile phones and computers usually.


What harms with us?

First, it will damage our eyesight. Screens of mobile phone and computers make eyes fatigue.

Second, it will damage our cervical vertebra. If you often bow to play phone, cervical vertebra of yours will be pain.

Third, it will influence our study and work. We will always feel tired.

Fourth, the relationship of people will be more and more indifferent.


There are so many harms with us to play phones and computers prolong. So we should lift our heads to make friends and relax ourselves. There are so many ways to be happy. Such as having a dating with friends. Just give up you phone and computer for a day.

Ok. Prior to this, maybe you should make some friends at once. If you were a heterosexual, go to find your teams and have fun. If you were a gay or lesbian, go to find your teams and have a good time. If you were a bisexual, go to find your teams and be happy. Go back to your teams to make friends and find your lover.

Go for a date. For your health. For your happiness.